Homemade Goodness

Homemade Goodness,
in edible form,
in a doable way ...
So, a friend of mine has a blog that I follow,
and off her blog I found another blog that had this post.
Of course I had heard about making your own nut butters.
But somehow the thought had never really occured to me
that I could do it MYSELF.
I tend to think that "everyone else" does these type of things ...

But, it looked so cute and pretty simple!
So, I decided to try it last weekend and make some for
two wonderful friends of mine that I would be seeing on Saturday.

homemade double roasted honey nut peanut butter

First, buy your nuts. I bought them at Aldi. Roasted, not salted.
(Hence, how mine were "double roasted" as well)
I think I had about 3 cups total.

Preheat over to 350 degrees.
Spread nuts on a foiled-lined cookie sheet.

I microwaved 1 1/2 Tablespoons of honey and drizzled over the nuts.
(I wish I had sprayed my foil w/ canola oil, though - next time!)

Roast in the oven for 10 minutes, stirring once or twice.
Pull out and cool.

Into the food processor they go! (Hint, I did read that this will NOT work
in a blender ... so don't attempt that)
And ... turn that baby on and let it go!

First, the nuts break down into a meal,

Then, the oils SLOWLY start to break down,

and the mixture clumps up a bit.

When mine got to this point, I added 1 more Tablespoon of warm honey
and about a 1/2 T. of salt (I eyeballed it - as always!).

Scrap down and keep processing!
Don't give up ... I promise eventually you will be rewarded with gooeyness.

And then suddenly, you'll look, and yay! Peanut Butter.

Taste, sigh, smile.
And then scoop into a container, jar, etc.
Either save for your family, or give as a gift!

I am excited to make more peanut butter, and try
other nuts as well. You could make all kinds of combinations!
And ... you still have time before Christmas, in case you're looking for a
last-minute, homemade, and universally liked gift!