Table Runner

I've been sewing A LOT lately.  I think I like it because I don't have to think.  I just have to keep the sewing machine going in a straight line.  (hmmm...I wonder what that says about me...?)  This was one of my favorite projects from the past week.  I was scrambling to come up with some decorations for a Bridal Shower (shout out to Aimee and Matt - Holla!...okay I'm embarrassed) and decided to turn a couple of old sheets into table runner.  Two sheets + wonder under = very quick and easy table runner.   I LOVE wonder under! (sewing nerd alert!)

I now want to start ripping up more sheets and seeing what other things can be created.  I may post some of the other projects later.  I'm on a huge men's shirt reconstruction kick!  


Hold Their Hands a Little Tighter ...

Eli and I get a ridiculous amount of magazines, thanks to expiring airline miles that were good for nothing else. Sometimes before bed I flip through a few articles, winding down before heading to dreamland. Friday night, I read the article I have linked here. It stayed with me ... and I read it to Eli in the truck yesterday.

It almost brought me to tears ... and even thinking about my little boys - growing up so quickly - is now stirring up those same emotions. But, I believe that while it provides a few laughs, those stories that we mommas can all identify with, it also reminds us that our children will grow up far too fast. And each year brings a little child with a budding personality to enjoy. As I wrote in an earlier post, let's enjoy those moments God gives us with them each day.



Okay I know there is nothing spiritual about this clip, but sadly add two kids and you have my life. We are soooo COOL!