More About Us

Sarah K. - I became a mom last year and I love it more than I ever imagined! We live in the country with all things rural except the farm animals! We do have a dog, Harley, and our cats don't stay around long enough to earn names. We spend a lot of our free time outside tending to the oversized yard, the flower beds and the vegetable garden, or just enjoying all that God has blessed us with!

Elisa I am a stay-at-home mom to two energetic little boys! They are currently 3 years, and 1 years of age. I love them to death and am so blessed to be able to stay at home to raise them. My husband is truly my best friend and we enjoy our home and family. I enjoy learning more about homemaking, baking, cooking, housecleaning, sewing, etc. I am certainly not an expert in any area, but love to try new things and share what I know if it might help anyone else! I also love to work out, and teach aerobics at my local womens' gym. As I grow in my relationship with the Lord, I pray that my heart would be changed so that I can be more like Him and make Him known. I am so excited to see how God directs my personal walk with Him and our family's life together.

Jeni - As impossible as it is to sum up who I am in a short paragraph – I will do my best.  First and foremost I am a daughter of Christ, second I have been a wife to my very best friend for 11+ years.    Third I am mother, teacher, nurse, referee, drill sergeant, chef, taxi driver and expert tucker inner for my four rambunctious children.  Together we manage our little “farm” in the suburbs.  We garden (sort of), raise chickens, and make as much as we can from scratch.  Then if I ever get a moment to myself (please don’t tell my older children they are too old to take naps) I like to create.  It doesn’t really matter what or how as long as I can get those creative juices flowing.  I enjoy sewing, painting, decorating, writing and photography.  But as with most of my life it’s more about the process than the finished product (as in I rarely finish anything I start).  So there I am in a nutshell…hmmm…not as hard as I thought it would be. 

Sarah I am an MK, MRS, and MOM.  A bit of a word-nerd, I got my degree in Linguistics, but the child language acquisition that I get to experience everyday is way more interesting than anything I ever learned at University. I like to say that I am in full time ministry to my husband and children, and lovin' it! I believe that God's Word is Truth, His grace is sufficient, and that nothing can separate me from His love. While that is all helpful to me, it's really all about Him.  I want who I am and what I do to be for His honor, glory, and pleasure.