Hold Their Hands a Little Tighter ...

Eli and I get a ridiculous amount of magazines, thanks to expiring airline miles that were good for nothing else. Sometimes before bed I flip through a few articles, winding down before heading to dreamland. Friday night, I read the article I have linked here. It stayed with me ... and I read it to Eli in the truck yesterday.

It almost brought me to tears ... and even thinking about my little boys - growing up so quickly - is now stirring up those same emotions. But, I believe that while it provides a few laughs, those stories that we mommas can all identify with, it also reminds us that our children will grow up far too fast. And each year brings a little child with a budding personality to enjoy. As I wrote in an earlier post, let's enjoy those moments God gives us with them each day.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I cried through the entire article...in fact, I'm still crying! I am going to be a basketcase when my son gets older! I'm this emotional and he can't even talk yet...no "mama" or "I love you"!

  2. Oh Sarah, I know! That's exactly what I was telling Eli! I almost cried through Seth's photo show at the graduation ceremony ... seeing those little chubby cheeks disappear - and realizing that's going to be my boys! Argh! But, I wouldn't give up being a momma for any of these tough moments that are going to come. = )

  3. I was just looking at some toddler pictures of Charis the other day and wondering where the time has gone. And though I miss the chubby cheeks and the sweet adoration of her momma. But I wouldn't trade who she is today, for who she was then. I also have to remind myself that these little ones aren't my own. I only have them on loan and must surrender them daily into God's hands! If I am constantly giving them back to Him, I am hoping it will make it a little easier to let them go when the time comes. I love you guys and thank you for the post Mishe