Better Late Than Never

This isn't a tutorial post.
Or one with a delectable recipe.
And you won't find any coupon tips today.
No deep thoughts on motherhood.

Just a brief reflection ...

Last night we pulled out the last of our Christmas decorations to put up.
Lo and behold ... last year, I had picked out fabric, bought it,
even cut it out - and still the pieces for Reuben's stocking were
quietly folded away in a plastic bag.

At first I was dismayed at myself. How could this be? = )
And then I began to think back ...
My youngest was a whole 9 months old last December.
Still nursing like bananas while refusing to crawl or scoot himself
I loved (and still do!) him to pieces,
but that sweet child was DEMANDING!
I remember so many feelings washing over me as I cared for him:
Overwhelmed. Tired. Guilty for feeling Overwhelmed and Tired.
And so I sat the fabric aside ... reminded myself that a 9 month old
really has no idea of what stockings are about or should be filled with ...
and took something off my "to-do" list for the holidays.
And it felt GREAT!

One year later, it was no problem to stitch it quickly up last night
and allow it to join the other three.
And although my first thought was somewhat of glee
"my life is a bit more 'free' feeling this year!"
I realize that is extremely selfish and self focused.

So, after asking for fogiveness for that first sinful thought,
I believe that I was reminded (as Jeni posted earlier)
that maybe "doing" should be put aside for more important things.
Last year I was forced to do that in order to care for my family ...
And this year hopefully instead of being forced,
or feeling forced to set things aside -
May I enter into the season excited to grow relationships;
to spend time with Jesus;
to teach my children why Christmas comes each year;
to serve others and give out the love of Christ,
and let the "doing" lay aside.


  1. I wish there was a "like" button. Loved this entry, Elisa. :)

  2. Oh thanks! After I posted, for some reason I felt like it was a stupid post and almost wished I hadn't put it up ... probably another self focused thought. sigh. Why can't I get rid of those!