Mom-in-Law Lessons

I am dedicating the month of June to FAMILY. Maybe family memories, family lessons, extended family life, or family recipes ... who knows what will turn up on the blog!

When I think about my in-laws, I think of my mother-in-law (MIL). She has taught me so much! My mom was fantastic, but homemaking was not a focus for her. She was an excellent homeschool teacher and mother, but in terms of learning to bake, homemade remedies, etc., ... those weren't of interest to her. Therefore, my skills were nearly non-existent. I, on the other hand, was interested in those things!

When I realized that my relationship with Eli was headed to a lifetime commitment, I wanted to learn more. He came from his home in which his mom did all kinds of homemaker things! Especially in baking, cooking, canning, and growing in the garden. I set up about to soak up what I could. I have learned A LOT (with so much more I would like to learn), and something I was able to accomplish early on with my limited knowledge but eager hands was making jam.

Nothing like homemade jam.

I am still pretty basic. But each year I now make strawberry and peach jam. Eli doesn't like other berries thrown in there, so we stay with the staples of our pantry. I just finished two batches of strawberry (made even easier with my food processor - a gift from my in-laws!), and will tackle the peach once the season arrives. I haven't ever water-bath canned yet - a future project!

My MIL is always ALWAYS willing to show the ropes of what she knows, and invites me over to do projects together. If she knows I'm struggling to get something done, the offer is extended to "come over with the boys so they can be distracted" while I finish my project. We have baked together for Christmas, made jam together, worked together on bridal/baby showers, sewed together, and brainstormed together. She is an example of a woman who always extends her arms, and whether or not her house is messy is no matter to her - family and friends are always invited in. I have much to still learn from her, and I am so grateful to have married in to her family.

Is there something (preferably good!) that sticks out to you when you think of your mother-in-law?


  1. My mother-in-law is the world's best pie baker. She has inspired me to learn to bake pies - since I really fail in that department. I know this is something that my husband would appreciate.

    My mother-in-law loves to grow plants and each year starts a whole bunch in her basement. I never have to buy any vegetable plants (tomatoes, peppers, cabbage) because she grows for the whole family. And her plants are always so nice and healthy. Far better than the greenhouse.

    But best of all, my mother-in-law has great child raising skills as her son is proof of!

  2. I think of granola when I think of my mother-in-law. She always makes a batch for us on our birthdays because she knows my husband loves it so. Thankfully, she also taught him how to make it and gave him the recipe, so we aren't completely dependent on her in that area! She did very well in all of that. And, like Gina, I'm very thankful to have a husband that loves being with me and our kids and I know his good relationship with his mother is part of that.