Spring is just around the Corner!

The following is an e-mail (printed with her permission) from a good friend (& Sarah K.'s mother-in-law), Pam.  I am always telling Greg that I have a riduculous "homemaker crush" on this woman.  She is a walking library of tips and tricks to help things run a little smoother around the home, but above all she is a humble servant of the Lord and always so full of encouragement.  Thank you for sharing this Pam!

I know you already know this, but thought I would pass along . . . sometimes I forget some of these quick little gifts from the Lord!!!

About 10 days ago (more or less, I have forgotten) I trimmed about 10 or so branches off our forsythia bush. It always needs pruning! I stuck them in my vase with plenty of water - I haven't even changed it as usual.

Now, I have this beautiful yellow bouquet of forsythia - just absolutely divine.
I have done this many times. Having flowers on the table is important to me. And there are all kinds of things I have done through winter - but this winter, all the flowers on the sunporch stayed rather dormant - maybe because of no sun? Really cold?? But it usually stays pretty warm out there except in evenings.

Anyway, the geraniums didn't even re-bloom much. I had very few blooms, so that made this even more wonderful!

You can do it with fruit trees, apple, cherry, peach have all worked for me.

The one really cool thing is that the branches even without anything on them are striking - and when they do bloom, the blooms last such a long time.

Sorry, for I am not sure how long it took, but I think I had some small yellow blooms in about a week.

Hope this helps with the cloudy weather.

Spring IS coming!!! luv ya all, pam

P.S. It really is fun for youngsters watching them come to life! Dead-looking limbs in the vase one day - and before you know it - blooms!


  1. As soon as I read her email I thought: "That should go on the blog!" Thanks for posting!!

  2. Her email made me tear up. I needed that cheery Sunshine! I love forsythia. They make me think of Spring and of Easter in the Czech Republic. Hope is such a lovely gift!

  3. I have great childhood memories of forsythia as well. It sounds like we all needed this!