Quick Deal ...

I don't know the diaper preferences of all the ladies out there ... I generally am not stuck on a brand and go with what I can get a good deal one! I prefer Pampers for the tiny infants, but once I reach size 2 with my kiddos, I go for Luvs, generic, etc.

But, there is a coupon on Target.com that is $3 off a regular size (or larger) Huggies diaper package. And Huggies are currently on sale for $8.99 this week at Target. Which puts them down to $5.99, which, for Huggies, is a pretty good deal! Especially if anyone out there IS a Huggies fan ... you technically could print/buy several times this week.

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  1. Huggies are my fav. for the older babes, so whenever there's a coupon and a deal, I'm excited =) thanks for sharing!