Your Opinion, Please

So, my mom and I were talking about how often a person should wash their sheets and wash their bath towels. I did some research on the internet, but didn't find anything conclusive. If you don't mind, please share your opinion about this matter. Thanks! Oh, I wash my sheets usually once a week and my bath towels once every other week...I hope I didn't just gross somebody out!


  1. Hmmmm, well my ultimate goal would be to wash our sheets once a week. Honestly, I think they get washed every other week. But, hey! They get washed. We do wash our towels much more often - probably they get thrown in the hamper after about three days. Especially in the summer, when the humidity seems to make them smell musty to us ...

  2. Wait. You're supposed to wash your sheets and your towels???? I thought they were self-cleaning. Crap. I've had the same sheets and towels since I was four.

  3. Oh my! I feel so improper (ok, I always feel a little improper). Truth be told. We wash our towels when there is no other laundry to do, and we wash our sheets when they have been pooped, pottied, or barfed on (well...maybe a little more frequently than that). We also wash the guest room sheets before we have guests. So never you fear, if you are staying at our house, you will have clean sheets!

  4. We wash our towels usually twice a week. Except the children's towels which are whenever I think of it.

    And sheets, I'm really bad. Here in the summer I wash them when I notice they are gritty. (From playing in the sandbox and then taking a nap.) but in the winter it can go a terribly long time between sheet washing. I always like to line dry sheets because they smell so good but we can have rough winters that it goes a long time. I should write it in my planner because I seriously just never think of it!

    I can't believe I just admitted all that!