Pull out the Crockpot!

This will be brief ... but perhaps just as I needed to be re-inspired, some of you out there will be inspired too!

It all started with a conversation with Jeni on how when it gets hot outside ... my desire to cook and be creative seems to wane the warmer it gets. I don't know. I get hot. And then I start to feel lazy. And since we have an abudance of ground beef in the freezer, I often suggest to Eli that we grill. Again. Maybe again. And, well, how 'bout one more time this week?

But Jeni reminded about my good 'ole Crockpot! Of course! I can "cook", but not really! She also suggested that I take a lot at Crockpot365 's stuff out there. I just pulled it up this morning to get potato recipes. The In-Laws gave us a huge bag of potatoes from their garden, so one of my goals this week is to eat lots of potatoes and cut down on our weekly grocery spending! Funny thing was, my mom also had the 365 book sitting in her living room this weekend when we went over there!

So, if you're stuck in the heat with no desire to use the oven, think about pulling out your Crockpot! 365 has tons of ideas and recipes. I personally just searched for "potatoes" through the site to pull up a couple recipes to use this week. And ... I think I'll be using it each week for awhile!


  1. As an added bonus you can also plug the crock pot in out in the garage! Then it won't heat up the house! :)

  2. Great idea. I have been re-inspired myself. We have a ton of potatoes, from our garden, that need to be eaten up. Thanks!