T-shirt Skirt Tutorial

I just finished my second t-shirt skirt and I am sad that it is now fall and I will have to wait until spring before I can wear it!! Here is a long thorough tutorial for this very EASY sewing project!

I started with a XXL men's t-shirt that I found for $1.50 at a local bargain store (Bargain Depot in Lawrence, KS...I love this place). You want to make sure that the t-shirt is plain with no logo/writing on either side.

1) Wash the t-shirt.

2) Turn the t-shirt inside out before you start cutting (this is a very important step).

3) Cut the t-shirt just below the neck opening.
4) Unfortunately, I do not have a template for cutting out the skirt. I cut my t-shirt to the following measurments: 24" long, 24" bottom hem and 20" top/waist. Note that you use the bottom hem of the t-shirt as the bottom of your skirt, so you only make 3 cuts (2 sides and the top).
5) Pin sides and sew a 3/8" (or 1/2") seam.
(If you slip the skirt on at this time it will most likely fit big, but you will be adding elastic to the waste and that will make it fit...I promise)

6) To sew the casing for the elastic waistband you will fold the top down 1" and pin. I used 3/8" elastic, so I wanted my casing to be 1/2". I sewed around the waist at 1/4" and 3/4". Make sure you leave about an inch open so you can insert the elastic. In my photos you will see a piece of black/white fabric...I used this as a "tag" so I know which is the back of the skirt.
7) Thread the elastic. I do this by hooking a safety pin to one side and feeding it through the casing.
8) Try the skirt on and pull the elastic through until it fits the way you want it to. Cut the elastic and sew the ends together with a zig zag stitch. Tuck the elastic back into the casing and sew the casing closed, being sure to backstitch and secure the casing.

This skirt took me about 1 1/2 hours to make (not including washing the t-shirt) but I was doing a lot of measuring, writing instructions and taking photos. This skirt is super comfy and very simple, but you could dress it up with some freezer paper stenciling, which I think I will do once I decide on a design.


  1. Cute! And I love the color. I need to keep these in mind as I am looking at bargains along the way. I'm not quite convinced that it will look flattering on me ... but I won't know until I try!

  2. Cute skirt! What a great tutorial! Thank you for sharing and for all the work it took to take all those pictures.

  3. cute and comfy = winner combination!