Recent projects

Bird in the Hand is on a bit of a break as we determine the best way to move forward with this blog.  While you are waiting for more posts here are some pictures of recent projects.
Sewing and embroidery kit for my girls
There are fat quarters in the pockets and that triangle in the middle is for scissors.
Freezer Papers Stenciled Itty Bitty Baby Dress from this pattern
And Modern Baby Shoes from this Tutorial
Another one...
And some more shoes.

Hopefully we will be back soon!!


  1. such gorgeous projects! You have become quite the seamstress!
    I've been thinking about posting on here sometime when I find the time...but then it always seems like when I do find the time someone else finds that same time and we go from having a post drought to a post deluge =)

  2. Jeni - so glad that you posted these! I never got to see the finished projects, but knew you had worked on those dresses/shoes. Super cute! If I ever have a little girl, I'm going to be calling you! = )

  3. Oh, these are SO cute!!! I'm thinking I need to get sewing for my little girl. But she really doesn't NEED clothes so maybe I need to spend my time on the projects that do need my time!

  4. Too cute! I'm wishing I would have taken pictures of the handmade Christmas gifts I gave this year...blast! Can you post or send me the link for the flowers you made?