Yummy, Edible, Homemade Playdough!

Or, more aptly titled:

My Obsession with Peanut Butter Continues.

I love all things peanut butter.
That's probably been established by now!
All that aside ...
A couple weeks ago I was talking about making some more homemade playdough for the boys. Eli commented that he remembered a "couple times" when he was little, his mom making a peanut butter playdough that was meant to play with, and be eaten! Since Jonah is also a peanut butter monster, we thought he might really enjoy it. I asked Robin if she had the recipe still: she didn't. But, then I thought "duh ... GOOGLE" and then went and Googled "Edible Playdough Recipes". Tons came up. Some with Kool-Aid, some with Cream Cheese, some meant to taste good, some meant to taste bad - just not dangerous if ingested. And MANY with peanut butter as the focus. I read through lots of recipes, lots of posts on all kinds of websites. I was wanting to try one that tasted good. We already have a homemade one that uses regular baking ingredients, but tastes, well ... not so good.

I settled on trying this one:
1 c. Peanut Butter
1/2 c. Honey
2 c. Powdered Sugar
(*note, this recipe appeared many times, with no easy pinpoint on the origin. So, there is no one I can actually credit it to)

Thursday, we had another snow day around here. So, we invited Jonah's older cousin, Mya, to come play so her mom could go to exercise at the gym. I had promised Mya the week before we would try the yummy playdough!

It was good. At first, it just seemed kind of crumbly and not mixing into a "dough", but once I started kneading it with my hands, it truly did come into a dough-like consistency. Not sticky, but pliable. It was easy to play with, and sweet to taste! It's very sugary, but it keeps wrapped in plastic, so it's not like it all has to get eaten in one sitting. Sadly, Jonah would have nothing to do with - he brought out his regular playdough - but Mya loved it! I sent the leftovers home with her for a later playdate she has with a friend from school.

I wouldn't make it all the time, but it's something that deviates from the norm: and snow days, especially, make me feel like trying something new and fun to do at home!

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  1. I don't know how I missed this post. Looks like you had a lot of fun! Sadly PlayDough is still banned from our house...indefinitely! (I know, my poor deprived children) But if PlayDough does return to our house, maybe we should try this version. Then instead of watering it down and mashing it into the carpet, they can just eat it!