Hooray! Banner Tutorial

Banners are a hot trend right now...or so it seems. A friend and I made a "Hooray!" banner for a baby shower that we hosted. We used scrapbook paper and it turned out great. We made a second banner for my mother-in-law and she absolutely loved it! We decided for her birthday that we would make her one out of fabric so it would be sturdier and last longer. Here is the tutorial:

Reversible Hooray! Banner

Materials Needed:
  • Fabric (it is hard to say how much because it depends on how many different fabrics you use and how big you make the banner)
  • Interfacing
  • Iron-on adhesive (optional)
  • Bias tape
  • Thread
  • Iron
  • Straight pins

Step 1: Iron interfacing to fabric and trace triangles (our triangles were 12 1/2" on the top and 14" on the sides). We wanted to use as little interfacing as possible, so we cut out the triangles from the interfacing and ironed them to the fabric before tracing the triangle onto the fabric. You will need to do some planning because you only need interfacing on 7 triangles (if you are making a "HOORAY!" banner) because although you are going to cut out 14 triangles, there will only be 7 triangles total.

Step 2: Cut out the fabric triangles. We cut out 14 triangles because we were making a reversible banner that says "HOORAY!". You can cut out more or less depending on what expression you choose.

Step 3: Cut out letters. If you are using iron-on adhesive, such as Wunder Under, you will want to iron this to your fabric and trace the letters before cutting them out.

Step 4: Iron (or pin) letters to fabric and sew.

Step 5: Lay out triangles in two rows...one is the front of the banner and one is the back of the banner. Make sure to spell one of the words/phrases backwards.

Step 6: Pin right sides of triangles together and sew (3/8" seam allowance) the two long sides of the triangle. You do not need to sew the top of the triangle. Cut the tip of the triangle.

Step 7: Turn right side out and iron. Top stitch along the two long sides of the triangle. Top stitching is optional, but we enjoyed picking a fun stitch to use and it dressed up the triangles. Repeat Steps 6 and 7 for each set of triangles.

Step 8: Lay triangles out in order that they will hang. Fold bias tape over the top of the triangles and pin to the top of each triangle connecting the triangles together. You can decide how much space to leave between triangles. Sew bias tape to ribbon using a 1/4" seam.

Forgive me for not having a picture of the final product (or of my mother-in-laws face when she opened it as a birthday gift)! Don't be afraid to experiment with different fabric choices and expressions. I will warn you that this is a time consuming project, but worth every minute!


  1. Super cute! I have been wanting to make a Christmas themed banner with the names of Christ on each of the triangles. I just seem to put it off until it's almost Christmas and then...well it's a busy season. This just might be the inspiration I need to get me going. If I keep the fabrics neutral enough I could use it for Easter too...hmm....

  2. You could freezer paper stencil the names on rather than applique...much easier! I took a lot of time cutting out the letters and sewing them onto the triangles.

  3. I was thinking that I would print them onto iron on stuff. That way I wouldn't really have to cut much out. I think that would work? Or if I felt really crazy I could embroider it.

  4. ok, I totally posted a comment on here earlier and it didn't show. boo to that! Love the banner idea! When we were little my mom made each of us a flag with our initial on it, and this flag would be raised one our birthdays, or days when we accomplished something of significance. I always loved that idea. I keep thinking I should make one for my kids. then again, I also keep thinking I should make stockings for my kids, but we're at almost 5 yrs now with no stockings =) keep the good ideas comin' and maybe someday I'll have time...