I Need Your Ideas

As I am on a kick in terms of baby projects ...
I could use a little creative input!

I have this fabulous piece of fabric that I bought quite a few years ago. It has the alphabet in blocks with animals and fun pictures. I bought it in a long enough length so that I have the alphabet three times over. Originally, I thought I might make Jonah some type of blanket/pillow that had his name on it. It's obvious that never materialized!

So, I am now planning to use it for 2-3 baby gifts! I have several friends at the gym that will be having babies within the next five months, and I thought this might a fun fabric to use for some of them (most of them are also being "surprised" by the sex of the baby, so I have to keep things gender neutral). My best idea, currently, is to use it for three blankets. Not cutting up the letters, just a straight up, rectangular blanket with this as the front, a soft flannel on the back. Some ribbons ties, etc. BUT, I wanted to throw this out there and see if any of the amazingly creative women who read this blog have any other ideas!

Care to share them with me?


  1. My only thought is to make some soft blocks. You can even marry them with a taggie. They are really quick to sew together. Sarah K. has made some too, and they are really cute.

  2. Excuse my grammar - I was rushing off to tend to a screaming little girl with soap in her mouth. How do these things happen!?

  3. I agree with the baby blocks- this pattern would work work so adorably and I would think easily for that!

  4. What about some type of quiet book? You could put batting between the pages and each page could be a letter? You could still incorporate the tags on different pages and you could embelish with buttons, etc for some additional texture.