Taggy (Taggie)

Per a request,
I am putting up the directions to create a Taggy!
As I have stated before,
it is such a fun, simple, and straightforward project!

Yesterday, I headed over to my in-laws for the morning.
My Mother-in-law had set it up for my teenage sister-in-law,
and three of her friends to each sew a Taggy.
They would get the benefit of somewhat a "sewing lesson",
time to hang out together,
and then they are donating their Taggies
to the local Pregnancy Care Center.
So, let's get started!

1) Start with two different fabrics. As I stated on a previous post, I like one side to have a little texture to it. You'll also want several different kinds of ribbon: different textures, widths, colors, patterns, etc. They don't have to match perfectly! The eccentricity of each Taggy with it's colors and ribbons is what make them fun and unique.

My two sides ...

2) Cut each fabric print into a square. The girls started with 12 inch by 12 inch squares. The past two that I have made were probably closer to 16 inch by 16 inch squares. Whatever size you chose. Then, I like to iron my edges under, to make the pinning process easier! Then, cut your ribbon into 4 inch lengths.
3) Lay your fabric squares HOW YOU WANT THEM TO LOOK. Inside sides turned inside. Turn all edges in and pin.

One Taggy getting prepped ...

4) Arrange your ribbons around the side and get the "look" you want. I had the girls do 5 ribbons on each side of their 12 x 12. For my larger one, I did 6 ribbons.

5) Fold ribbons lengths in half, slide edges in between the two fabrics, and pin the ribbons into place.

Ribbons getting pinned in place!

6) Sew all the way around the square - taking care to catch the ribbons!

All our Taggies ready to be sewn together!

That's it! Enjoy your Taggy and BE CREATIVE!

In a few weeks, we are having another "sewing lesson" and are going to be making some simple full size blankets for the Pregnancy Care Center! I'll post that as well!


  1. Lovin' the idea of this sewing time with the girls, especially with the end product going to the pregnancy care center! Such a great way to minister to younger sisters and those in need at the same time- great thinking!

  2. These look great! Way to go! I echo Sarah's comment and can't think of anything original to say.