Recent craft/sewing projects

Forgive me, there are no tutorials with this post, only pictures of the recent projects I have completed. Let me know if you want to know how to do any of these projects and I would be more than happy to send instructions (I didn't take pics during the crafting/sewing and that is why there are no tutorials).
Freezer Paper Stenciling (matching cupcake t-shirts for my nieces using two different colors of paint and a little bit of glitter):

T-shirt Skirt (I used a XXXL t-shirt that didn't have a logo on the front or the back)

Baby Gift


  1. Love these! Cute skirt, was it hard to make? My sewing skills may be too rusty for anything other than buttons. And I love the pink flying v, awesome!

  2. Nicely done! Can't wait to try and make my own skirt...... Maybe I'll even stencil on it. Two birds. One stone.


  3. Stellar! I am taking your first attempt skirt, adding some ruffles, and taking it in for Charis. Maybe it will be done by Sunday. Great job Sarah!!!

  4. You are inspiring, and YES, you are creative too! Maybe I, even I, will attempt a skirt because it looked so cute on you this morning! Good job!