Baby Time!

No, not baby time for me!
Thank goodness!
Errrr, I mean, just not yet.
When the right time comes ... I'll be excited -
But right now I'm enjoying all the other mommies having babies!
I'm rather obssessed with Taggies.
A dear friend from work (when I was working before Jonah was born)
made me a beautiful Taggy blanket for him.
They are so much cheaper to make than to buy.
Since then, I've worked on perfecting the look I like.

I recently made two Taggies with these fabrics
For friends with little girls on the way.
I have several other friends who are also expecting within 2-3 months.
So more will be following!
Such a simple project (which translates: Elisa can actually do it):
Two squares of cute fabric (I like one side to have texture)
with loops of ribbon sticking out all around the sides.
Use various colors, textures, widths, etc., of ribbon to make it fun.
Sadly, I forgot to take a pictures of the finished projects before I gave them away!
But, here are the colors I used in the past two,
And I can't wait to make some more in the next few weeks!


  1. I saw the finished product and it was ADORABLE! I really liked that all of the BITH girls made baby gifts for the last shower we attended. Way to go Ladies!! I'm hoping you all share pictures of your creations too. If you didn't take pictures - I will!

  2. Yeah........... I was super impressed. Jaw to the floor. Is it weird that I want an adult-sized one???? Get on it, Elisa. *hugs*


  3. Directions? My girls would like to do more sewing projects.