Yum, yum yum!

I just love finding new recipes that are fast, easy and don't require a lot of ingredients. Don't you? Lately I have been growing my collection of recipes and I wanted to share one with you that I am particularly excited about.

I found the recipe for Meat and Cheese Burritos here. I did some tweaking to the recipe...I added pinto beans and whole kernel corn and I left out the salt. I mixed everything in a large bowl and I ended up with 14 burritos. I froze them just like Laura recommended and I have reheated one using the oven and one using the microwave. If you are in a hurry I recommend the microwave as it took less than 3 minutes to go from frozen to yummy in my tummy (I wrapped mine in saran wrap before microwaving so it wouldn't dry out).

Here are the reasons why I am so excited about this recipe:

1) It only took me 30 minutes to make 14 burritos.
2) The burritos work for dinner or for snack and it doesn't take a lot of work to reheat them.
3) My husband can pack these for lunch on days when I don't have leftovers to send with him.
4) They are very tasty!!

If you are curious about how to fold a burrito properly, just google it and you'll find lots of help!


  1. Thanks for the recipe. It's always nice to find a fast and frugal meal to add to our repertoire.

  2. I was super excited about this idea! For some reason, freezing individual burritos never really occurred to me ... but I'm about to do a bunch! I know two people who just had babies the week that I want to get meals to, and J.J. has been sick, and I thought I could stick some in his freezer so he eats something other than fast food. My possibilities here are endless! Meat, meatless, breakfast, fajita style, etc. Thanks, Sarah!

    And although I didn't comment on your last post, know that when you come to mind, I will say a prayer for you. I can SO relate to your post. How many times, esp. when Eli was working crazy bizillion hours I felt so weary ... asking God for a ray of sunshine, an end of a dark time, but not seeing it coming as quick as I wanted! I feel bad that I haven't seen this in you to already have been praying and encouraging you. But I will be now.