Crackers - 1st Attempt

For my first attempt at homemade crackers, I made the Crispy Rye and Seed Crackers from Peter Reinhart's Artisan Breads Everyday book. I had been SO looking forward to these crackers: they looked earthy, crunchy, salty ... just good for you and good to eat!

Well, they are good for you - but mine weren't so good to eat! The dough was almost the texture of modeling clay to me. Very thick. But I managed to roll it out thin and cut it into diamonds with a pizza cutter. Into the oven. And then I committed my all-to-often baking sin. Two minutes too long. I peeked when my timer beeped, and decided the crackers needed a couple more minutes. Returned probably four minutes later and pulled them out. Golden brown and crispy. And of a slightly burnt taste. Sigh.

Frustrated, I rolled out the second half of the dough. And in a state of over-concern I underbaked this batch ... probably about two - four minutes too short! So, they just weren't as crispy. And with all the seeds and stuff, I think these crackers really need that dry CRUNCH when you bite. Sigh. Again.

Eli wasn't too crazy about all the seeds. We both liked the garlic salt that I sprinkled on top as an added salty flavor. Instead of trying these again, I am going to make the Sourdough Crackers on HomeJoys for my next try. Hoping to find a winner that suits us!


  1. Way to experiment, and glad that it hasn't dampened your desire to keep on trying! You ladies doing all this baking are making me feel so sedentary... but I'm ok with the little bun I've got cookin' =)

  2. You ARE cookin' something! Can't wait to see you again sometime! I have gone a little crazy, but I am enjoying trying a lot of new recipes and things that I never would have thought that I might even be able to do! And Eli is being so supportive of my craziness ...

  3. The two minutes to long syndrome! I have it too. That is the very reason that I don't bake cookies. I never believe the recipe book and end up with crunchy cookies. Bleah! I'm excited to see your next attempt. I haven't been baking more that the necessities, so I am enjoying living vicariously through you.

  4. I'm anxious to hear how the sourdough crackers turn out!! I hate to admit, but I am a bake from a box kind of girl! Well, I bake homemade cookies, but otherwise my brownies and cakes, etc are all from a box, so I can't say I do much experimenting.

  5. Girls ... I am just so glad that you are my friends. Thanks for reading through my silliness and still being my friend anyway! I love you all!