Crackers - 2nd Attempt

Girls, I may have just found the perfect homemade cracker! Monday I made up the dough for Sourdough Crackers, found off the beloved HomeJoys blog. I had originally planned to bake them Tuesday night (the dough has to rest for seven hours or more/overnight); but we ended up doing haircuts for the boys. That was enough for one evening. So, I woke up and rolled them out early Wednesday morning. The dough rolled out easily, and I sprinkled garlic salt on them as the original recipe recommended. Sliced with a pizza cutter. Baked for 20 minutes. Ate one right away - DELICIOUS! Loved them. Been munching on them all day. Reuben loves them right along with me, and Eli's response? "Now THAT is a cracker!" (Jonah, as usual, would not try something new). I am excited to make them again, and try some variations. Some ideas that I have had are:

- Stirring in chopped, slivered almonds
- Garnishing with chipotle powder
- Mixing in Greek seasoning
- Adding italian seasoning and garnishing with parmesan cheese

The basic dough seems like it could be added upon without issues. They were simple to make, and I have a feeling they will be making a frequent appearance in our home. They would also be great with various dips as well. My only advice to myself in the future would be to roll them out very thinly. I did pretty well, but the thiner ones on the edges had a fabulous crisp texture that I wanted all of them to have ... and some in the middle just weren't quite that thin. But, I can't wait to make them again!


  1. Sorry I haven't commented yet. Those look delicious! Can't wait to try some crackers myself.

  2. Glad these worked for you. They are a favorite a our house!