6 a.m.

Hello 6 'o' clock.   My how dark you look through my squinty sleep filled eyes.

Welcome Ladies to the 1st day of the 6:00 a.m. club.  I trust that all of you made it out of bed and into the word at 'o' dark hundred this morning .  I know that all of us won't be able to post daily (myself included), but I was hoping that every once in a while we could write down triumphs, struggles or things that we are learning.

My triumph, this morning, is that I actually got out of bed after a rotten nights sleep!  My struggle (I can tell already) is going to be my attitude.  All awake, and no sleep, makes Jeni a GRUMPY girl.  I am trying to lay that down and remember that dying to my flesh is kinda the point, but I am addicted to my pillow and it's hard to let go.  What I'm learning...hmmm...that this cannot, and will not happen without the Lord.  And that His grace is all sufficient.

Also I encourage you guys to sign up here.  It's completely unnecessary, but I signed up and they already sent an e-mail, that I found to be really encouraging.

I'm going to try and pray for you each morning, starting tomorrow heh..heh.  If you have specific prayer requests feel free to e-mail or call me.

I love you guys and I am so excited that we are in this together!  


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