Just Plain 'Ole Vinegar ...

I love my bathroom sink. I think it's pretty. It makes our insanely small bathroom quite likable. It caught my eye when we bought our home ... it had a pretty base and fancy handles. Nothing like our duplex had! But about a year ago, I noticed hard water deposits growing around the base of the handles and in the corners. Water seems to sit there. And once it evaporates it leaves gunk. So, I kept putting up with it. Well, attempting to clean it off, actually. With Comet. Bleach. Soft Scrub. And numerous other cleaners. Nothing worked! I've mentioned to Eli several times that I needed to find something that would work. So last week I Googled it. Apparently there are products that should work, but most websites suggested trying vinegar. Go figure. I should have known! Since I had that readily available in my pantry, making it a cost-free alternative, I decided I would give it a go. And since Wednesday is my "bathroom cleaning" day each week, today was the day to see if good 'ole vinegar was to be my savior.

Starting out ... can you see that little ring around the faucet handle?

And look - there's more on the other side - yuck!

1. First I poured small amounts of vinegar around the handles and in the corners of the sink. And let it sit for about 10 minutes while I cleaned the shower and the toilet.

2. I then took my faithful "scrubbing purpose" toothbrush to the task once again. Right away I could see the deposits flaking off the sink.

3. The toothbrush scrubbed some more.

4. After I washed off the vinegar and gunk with plain water, I thoroughly cleaned the sink as usual with my trusty disinfectant cleaner (although I can't say that vinegar and bleach combine to create an alluring scent).

Look! No rings!

Okay, just look one more time. All white. Once again. I'm sold. And hello, why didn't I try this a long time ago! My sink now looks clean when it is clean. Sigh. You should try it.


  1. Okay, I'm sold! I'm going to try it on my hard water stains throughout my house. Confession: I too have a sink cleaning toothbrush, toilet cleaning toothbrush and diaper cleaning toothbrush. Sick! I know.

  2. Me again. I tried this on my hard water stains below the refrigerator water dispenser and it WORKED! The only thing that has worked before was C.L.R. and it's expensive. Thank you for researching this and sharing!!