Nursing Pads

After using disposable nursing pads for 4 months I decided to sew my own. Here are step by step instructions for this easy sewing project.

In order to make 4 pairs of nursing pads you will need 1/4 yard of flannel and 1/8 yard of fleece (don't forget to wash your fabric before you cut the fabric). Begin by tracing circles onto the fabric and cutting them out. You will need 4 flannel circles and 2 fleece circles for each pair. The circles should be between 3 1/2" and 4" in diameter (I traced around the top of a drinking glass).

After cutting out the circles, sandwich the fleece circle between 2 flannel circles and pin the fabric. You will want to sew the fabric together so that the fleece does not move around. I sewed two lines across the circle to accomplish this.

The final step is to sew around the circle using a lockstitch (that is just a straight stitch) and then sew around the circle again using the zigzag stitch.

Now you have a pair of nursing pads!!


  1. Well ... hopefully this will come in handy for me! Too late now = )

  2. Great project idea! Thanks for posting it! I've got a couple baby showers coming up and this will come in so handy!