Love for everyday

In keeping with the idea of Valentine's Day, love has been foremost in my thoughts this month. It was accidental, actually!

Around the first of the month, I was doing my daily quiet time, and found myself reading I Corinthians 13. Mind you, I dutifully memorized this chapter several times throughout Sunday school and junior high for various teachers. So I often start off reading it with a "not so great" attitude. Thinking that I know exactly what this chapter says, etc.

But this time it struck me. Well, it struck the "mommy" chord in me. Lately I have struggled with being too sharp with Jonah. He pushes me just to the edge, and then I speak too harshly! Then I feel remorse and apologize to him. But his sweet little face looking up at me has caused me to cry out to the Lord and ask for extra measures of patience and creativity to deal with this guy who has such energy and persistence. As I read the love chapter ... I realized this was my answer. To continue to ask the Lord to fill me with more true love for Jonah. His love. I can hardly imagine that I could love Jonah more than I do - but my love is still imperfect! I need the overflow of the Lord's love for Jonah to spill out. To cover my imperfections and mistakes. Only through God's perfect love can I even begin to change. If my heart's desire (which it is) is to be the best mommy possible - amidst my fatal flaw of being human - then I will stop relying on my best efforts and give Jonah the best LOVE I can. God's Love. This is my daily prayer, especially this month.

The cookies are just a fun project Jonah and I did: cookies for his friends and his teachers at the gym childcare center. Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. so good! I always have to remind myself that love, patience, gentleness and kindness are amongst the fruits of the Holy Spirit. I can't just dig down deep to find them in myself- they only come as a result of His work in me and my dependence on Him! Instead of trying to be good in my own strength only to fall short, I must look to Him to provide as only He can. And He does!