10 Steps to Having a Very Bad, Awful, No Good, Rotten Day!

1.  Sleep In - Hit that snooze button just one more time.

2.  Spend 20 minutes in your closet stressing about what to wear.

3.  Realize you slept away your shower time and decide to be in a bad mood.

4.  Walk around with a cloud over your head.

5.  Refuse to be thankful for anything!

6.  Chastise your children for every little misstep throughout the day.

7.  Skip reading your bible and praying because you just don't have the time.

8.  Panic about your to-do list (this must be repeated regularly throughout the day).

9.  Blame everyone else for your problems.

10.  Then unload the miserable account of your day to your husband the second he walks through the door. (bad days can be catching!)

If a very bad, awful, no good, rotten day is not what you are in the market for tomorrow.  May I suggest the following.

1.  Rise early thanking the Lord for a brand new day!

2.  Lay your clothes out the night before and put on whatever you picked out (the second part is trickier).

3.  Take a warm shower and pray while you shampoo and condition.

4.  Smile (with your eyes too) at everyone you greet today.

5.  Be thankful for EVERYTHING (even the things that make you cringe)!

6.  Give grace to your children as the Lord to gives us, discipline out of love, and give lots of hugs.

7.  Make sure to spend the first part of your day absorbed in the Word.

8.  Ask the Lord what His to-do list is for you.  That doesn't mean you can't do your laundry, but He may have other plans for you today.

9.  Shower others with encouragement.

10.  Greet your husband with a smile, a kiss, and some words of affirmation.

It is so counter intuitive for us as humans to want to put anyone or anything before ourselves.  We want our needs met first!  But the greatest joy we will ever find is in worshiping the Lord and placing Him at the very top of our priority list.  Then all the things that we think that we need or want are lost in His awesome presence!  

Have a great Monday Everyone!!



  1. Terrific reminder! Especially the part of putting others first!

  2. Hmmm...thanks for the kick in the pants Jeni! I will have to reread this over and over again...especially when I find myself having a bad day!

  3. Good, good, good one. I agree with Sarah - this will be a good one to try and remember to re-read when a day starts off as one of "those" kind of days!