Baking Soda + Vinegar = Just About Everything {Part 1}

It is no secret that I have a unusual penchant for making things from scratch and using what I already have on hand.  I enjoy finding new things that I can make at home without having to make frequent trips to the store.  I keep an ongoing list of these recipes, and since most of them use a lot of the same ingredients I almost always have what I need on hand.  I broke them up into categories so they would be easily accessible if anyone wants to give them a whirl.  I will post one category each day for the next three days.  First up:  Personal Care!
Personal care 
{Almost} Everything you need to make any of the recipes below - I forgot the Stevia.
deodorant {Little House in the Suburbs}- this is the first deodorant that I tried and it is still my favorite.  I have made fancier ones, but they don't seem to work quite as well.

shampoo {Reformation Acres} - Using baking soda to wash your hair. Yes, I am doing this.  There is a six week adjustment period for your hair, and I am smack dab in the middle of it as I type this.  But even with the adjustment period I am pretty pleased with the results.  I thought my hair was going to 'freak out', but it has just been a tiny bit frizzier than normal.  That could also be attributed to the weather.  My hair is very sensitive to weather change.

conditioner {Reformation Acres} - I don't make my "conditioner" quite as fancy as Quinn does.  I just use Apple Cider Vinegar with a couple drops of eucalyptus essential oil for that fresh, wake you up scent.  {The smell of both the vinegar and eucalyptus disappears as your hair dries.

hairspray {Reformation Acres} - I haven't tried this one yet, but I am hoping to soon.

leave in conditioner - coconut oil.  Caution:  I little bit goes a very loooong way.  I used way to much the first time.  Now I just rub my fingers over the oil and use only that amount that sticks to my fingers.

basic toothpaste - 1 part coconut oil, 1 part baking soda, stevia or xylitol and essential oils to taste.  I have used cinnamon, peppermint, sweet orange, and even vanilla extract.
No, I haven't been using horseradish to brush my teeth, but it probably wouldn't surprise you either.

lotion {Home Joys}- I used this lotion all winter long and it works quite well.  A couple of my kids have eczema and it is gentle enough for them to use as well.

lip balm {Crunch Betty} - I haven't made any of these, but I want to.  Crunch Betty also has tons of other recipes I can't wait to try.

Do you have any personal care recipes that you use?  Do they work?  What is your main reason for not using commercial products?  {Mine is cost and healthier ingredients}


  1. Just reading that someone else is doing this kind of thing makes me feel that I'm not quite so weird! Or at least there is another weird one in the world. I've been doing the vinegar and baking soda for shampoo and conditioner for about nine months and I LOVE it! I don't even add any essential oils or anything. I love that it is SO simple. I can quit looking for coupons and good deals since there will never be anything cheaper and healthier.

  2. Gina - if nothing else I'm glad that I could make you feel a little less weird, or at least let you know that you have a partner in weirdness!

  3. some of these sound so "tasty"! Thanks for sharing this wealth of links. My shampoo is running out, and I'm out of my stockpile, so I've been thinking of trying the baking soda route, but I gotta say, the 6wks seems like a long adjustment time...worth the experiment tho! I was looking at the ingredients on my shampoo label the other day. yikes.

  4. You can do it! There's nothing in the adjustment period that a pony-tail can't fix.