Baking Soda + Vinegar = Just About Everything {Part 2}

Spring is the perfect time of year to get things clean.  And though it is nearly summer I haven't finished my spring cleaning.  Below are some of my favorite cleansers to get the job done.  I do have others, but these are the ones that I find myself reaching for most often.


All purpose cleaning spray - There are tons of different recipes for all purpose cleaners.  Here are two:
1. Equal parts vinegar and water and go!
2. 1 part hydrogen peroxide, 1 part water, 3 T. liquid castille soap, a couple drops essential oil for fragrance.

soft scrub - 1c. baking soda, 6 T liquid castille soap, a couple drops of lavender essential oil, and enough vinegar to achieve soft scrub consistency.

carpet freshener - put baking soda in an old parmesan cheese container add a few drops of essential oils.  Sprinkle onto carpet and vacuum it up!  One thing I like to use are home fragrance drops from Bath and Works - they aren't pure essential oil, but they smell oh so good.

laundry detergent - {A Bird in the Hand} I don't what more to say than I already have.  I have kids, they get dirty, this gets their clothes clean.

disinfectant wipes - {Live Renewed} I haven't tried these.  I never used disinfectant wipes to begin with, but it seems like they would be really handy to have around.

Furniture Spray - 1/4 cup olive oil, 4 T. vinegar, dash of lemon juice. {I'm not sure if you need to, but I keep this in my fridge}

Hand soap - This one is super simple, but you have to have the right container.  It is just 4 parts water and 1 part liquid castille soap.  The trick is that you have to put it into a foaming soap dispenser.  I just save soap dispensers and asked my mom to save hers as well.  Voila!  Foaming hand soap!

*What is one cleaning product that you just can't live without {this doesn't have to be homemade}.  What is your least favorite cleaning project? {My favorit cleaning product is the soft scrub above, and my least favorite cleaning project is putting away clean clothes - Does that count?}

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  1. that is one gleaming sink! Loving these recipes; thanks again! Total nerd here, but I get excited thinking about cleaning products that don't stink with fake "aroma". The thought of having my clean house smell of my chosen aroma makes me excited!