Piggybacking ...

So, I really had no idea what on earth to post about that everyone else in the world isn't already doing. I make no amazing claims in life: I really don't think that I am creative with "things"! I feel like my creativity only comes out when I start thinking about food = )

BUT. Jonah and I have been talking a lot lately about recycling things within our house to make new things, new toys, etc. He is really fascinated by the idea. Which is why we had a plastic sack stuffed with empty toilet paper rolls. For awhile, we have been recycling them - literally - through the recycling service. And then I decided that there had to be other ways we could use them at home. So, I'm piggybacking on Sarah's post about oatmeal containers to share some "similar" thoughts ...

On Toilet Paper Rolls.

-Use them as present wrappers. Stuff the gift inside and wrap with either comics from the newspaper, colorful tissue paper, or wrapping papers. The boys love getting presents wrapped like this!

-Re-roll extra ribbon around them. Or short cords that you need to store away and don't want all tangled or bent.

-A current favorite with the boys: create them into binoculars. And this way, whether the binoculars get destroyed or lost, they are re-creatable and not something you paid $$ for!

-The newest idea: Make a dinosaur (or any other creature you like!). We have to give Jonah credit for this: he just suddenly began asking Daddy to help him "make a dinosaur out of my rolls in the bag". We've asked him several times where this idea came from, and he just insists it was "from myself!" Maybe it really was! They had a great time working on this together.

We're actually out now ... perhaps once another sack is filled, a brontosauras can join the t-rex = ) Either way, I'm not tossing those tubes into the trash any more!


  1. Love it! Especially the dinosaur! Sweet! I mean, Fierce!

  2. I know someone who would love that dinosaur project! I have been saving a bag of toilet paper roll to do this project http://www.designspongeonline.com/2009/11/diy-project-toilet-paper-roll-wall-art.html, but it has just never materialized. Maybe I just need to gather the kids and let them have a go!

  3. Just finished a roll and I almost threw it away, but decided to give it to Lash so he could use it as a (pretend) microphone. So glad I read this post this morning!!