T-Shirts a Crafter's Best Friend!

T-Shirts are some of my favorite things.  Nothing beat the softness of a freshly laundered t-shirt, especially if it is one your have had for years.  I like to wear them, of course, but when they have too many holes or stains and the life has been loved right out of them, there is usually just enough left to repurpose into something new.  Here is a list of some of my favorite ideas for reusing t-shirts from around the web.  I have not had a chance to make most of these, but I would like to.  I will star the ones I have actually attempted.  I would put my own pictures on here, but sadly my camera cord has gone M.I.A.  Enjoy!

T-Shirt Bracelet

T-Shirt Necklace

T-Shirt Tote Bag

T-Shirt Pillow

T-Shirt Rug {This one technically isn't made from t-shirts, but I have a friend who made one just like this from t-shirts.}  Here is a tutorial for t-shirt yarn.
Rag Rug - Edge

T-Shirt Dryer Pillow or Sachet

T-Shirt Boy's Undies

T-Shirt Diapers* {When I first started making diapers I used this pattern.  I love making diapers from old t-shirts they have lots of stretch and wash really well}

T-Shirt Bib {These look like nice full coverage bibs.  Of course your could use your favorite bib pattern}

T-Shirt Backpack
Backpack Shirt

T-Shirt Girl's Dress* {I made this dress for my girls.  I made it a little longer, but it's a great comfy play dress}

T-Shirt Jacket

T-Shirt Quilt*  {I made one of these during our early years of marriage out of a bunch of my husbands "sentimental" t-shirts.  He had several from a camp that he used to work at and it has been a fun way to tell the kids about some of things he enjoyed before become a "real" adult.}

T-Shirt Simple Skirt* {This is a very easy sewing project/tutorial created by our own Sarah K.  It's a great project to have little ones help out with.  We have made several of these over the past year or so!}

I hope everyone's creative juices are flowing now.  If you end up making one of these or any other project from a T-Shirt I would love to see it!

P.S. I did not create any of these tutorials, so please refer to the websites of the tutorial before selling any items from any of these tutorials!  Thanks!


  1. My mom created one of those t shirt necklaces- it was very simple yet striking! I love LOVE love the pillow tutorial! Thanks a million for sharing all these ideas in one place!!!

  2. Once again, I am inspired. I really like the pillow one as well ... but the t-shirt bags are a great idea! I was just looking at my pile of t-shirts and thinking they needed to be weeded out - here's a resourceful way for me to do it! Woo hoo!