Grocery bags

My family just returned from visiting my brother and his family in Utah. Any time we travel for any length of time we always take plastic grocery bags with us for our dirty clothes. On this particular trip, as we were packing to come home, I had the idea of sorting our dirty laundry and placing each "load" in its own grocery bag so laundry would be a breeze. Wow, I am thankful for that revelation!

There are so many other uses for plastic grocery bags as well as paper grocery bags, just take a look at the side of the bag and you will probably find a list of ideas. Here are a few ways that we reuse grocery bags:

1) Lunch bags
2) Trash can liners
3) Wrapping packages to be mailed (paper bags)

You can also recycle your grocery bags at recycling centers or right inside the front doors of Walmart.

I know there are many more uses for grocery bags, but I am sleep-deprived (and pregnant) so I can't think of any others to list at this time.

Please feel free to leave comments regarding how you reuse grocery bags.


  1. Here's a weird use - my hubby uses plastic grocery bags to make his Tingley boots slip over his work boots. Probably only farmers do this. And when we were dating, I thought that was weird. Now that I'm a de facto farmer, I just watch. (I bought Boggs - no Tingley's or plastic bags for me! *L*)

  2. Great idea separating the dirty laundry into loads. I have a giant mesh bag that I usually fill with our dirties, but I like this idea much better. One thing I want to try (yes, I do have way to many things that I want to try) is knitting a pot scrubber using strips of plastic bags as yarn. I'll let you know how it goes if I try it.

  3. Naptime Seamstress -
    Though I like to pretend I am a farmer (with my suburban farm), I have to admit I needed to Google 'Tingly boots' to figure out what they were. Great Idea! My siblings and I used to use the plastic bags over our socks in our winter boots to keep the moisture from seeping in and soaking our socks. It worked pretty well!

  4. I also used plastic bags on vacation for dirty laundry, lining trash cans, and for packing in boxes when we send packages! I find that I always end up using the ones we bring home when we forget to take our reusable bags! If I have a surplus, I hand them off to Robin to use when she sells at the Farmer's Market. Jeni, if you ever get around to knitting with them, keep us posted. I have always thought making a small bag out of them would be pretty cool!

  5. I don't remember if I heard this on a news radio station or if I had read this in a magazine...but there are/were a group of ladies who wanted to help the homeless stay warm in the winter. They collected/reused plastic grocery bags as the liner of sleeping bags they made. Such creativity is so inspiring! And a great reminder of how we can spread God's love in such unique ways. :)