Ice Cream Buckets

My family doesn't eat a lot of ice cream, but over time we have collected quite a few ice cream buckets. These buckets are very handy because they have a handle, a lid, and are made of plastic so they are strong.

Here are some of the current uses of the buckets around our house:

1) Drum set for toddler
2) Container to hold legos (much more convenient than the zippered bag they came in)
3) Tool caddy
4) Containter to freeze fish (I have heard that freezing fish in water makes it stay fresh longer)
5) Carry veggies from garden to the house

What do you use ice cream buckets for?


  1. I have used them to transport cookies in, and birdseed ... and compost out to the compost pile and back!

  2. Oh yeah, we also use ours as a compost bucket.